Antminer S19 pro 104T

The price of the mining machine refers to the price of the mining machine plus power supply or the price of the integrated machine with power supply. Many mining machines sold on the market do not contain power.
$5,028.00 /units
Electricity Rate
The daily electricity rate is the machine's "power consumption" times "electricity price" times "24 hours" equal to the daily electricity price. Multiply by 30 days to get the monthly electricity bill.
($6.720 /days)
Est. Daily Earnings
Each serving equals 1 table miner.Management fee not deducted.<
(≈ $9.461/days)
Static rate of return
The static rate of return is the static rate of return obtained by multiplying the number of coins produced on the day by the currency price on that day and then subtracting the price of the mining machine and electricity costs.
[Maximum return]:" Bitcoin's highest currency price "times" day's hashrate output "times" rental term "equals" return ". [Annualized return rate]:" Net income " (Revenue-Miner Price-Total Electricity Charge = Net Income), divided by "Cost" (cost = Miner Price + Total Electricity Charge) = "Return Rate". Multiply "Return Rate" by (365 days divided by "Lease Term" Days) = "Annualized Return".
Hash Power
Hash rate refers to the computing power of the chip of the mining machine. Since the mining machine calculates 24 hours a day, the chip is a consumable item. The average life cycle of a general mining machine is 1.5 to 2.5 years. Due to factors such as voltage, heat dissipation, and machines, the stability of computing power will be affected. It is normal for mining machines to fluctuate within ±5% of standard computing power.
104 TH/s x 1 units
3.5kw/h x 1 units
Earn points on product purchases, spend $1,000: get 1 point reward.
100.56 Points
Maintenance fee
The maintenance fee is also called the management fee. The management fee is the mine maintenance, the maintenance of the mine machine, the replacement of spare parts for the mining machine parts, and the maintenance of the mine cooling system. The management fee is the deduction of management fees from the proceeds of digital assets.
Required Time for Launch
15 days
Escrow period
First 1080 days (indefinite renewal)
Miner Property
The property rights belong to the user, apply for withdrawal 30 days in advance, or you can pick up the mining machine from the mine(Before the loan is repaid, the property rights belong to the lender)
Can be mentioned by yourself
US property insurance
Users can freely modify
Can be changed
Mining Pool
Users can freely modify
Can be changed
Manufacturer's warranty and repair quotation according to the actual situation.
Factory Warranty
Payment Methods
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